November Minutes

November 6, 2012


The meeting was called to order by President Julie Maturo at 12:12.


Minutes – the minutes were read by Glorianne Campbell and approved with a motion by Deb Hall-Reppen and seconded by Julie Brown.

Treasurerʼs Report – Ellie Byrnes reported the current balances in the GGC accounts.

Vice Presidentsʼ Report – Arlene Grandt reported that our December meeting will be at Heinz Brothers Nursery in St. Charles. Sign up needs to be done today, but you will pay that day as per size pot you use and items that you place in your arrangement. Members will also receive a 25% discount that day on any other items that they purchase. Julie Maturo reminded members to attend for the meeting and luncheon even if you do not plan to do an arrangement.

Guest Introductions – nine guests were introduced.

Civic Projects – Chris Shaw reported that the knuckle was cleaned up for the end of the season. Under Arbor Day Susan Vander Veen reported that $2,500 has gone to the Park District for fall planting of trees in Island Park. The City of Geneva will be using their $2,500 to plant approximately seventeen trees in the downtown business district in the spring. Julie Brown and Kristie Dienst reported on the Garden Club Park. There will be a “bulb planting” this Saturday, November 10 at 10:00 a.m. A newspaper picture and article about the Re-dedication was passed around. Darlene Larson reported on the replacement of the mountain stream that runs in front of the tea house in the Japanese Garden. The original concrete has been replaced with a rubber liner. Ellie Byrnes reported that they will be switching the planters at Living Well to winter arrangements in early December. Julie Maturo reported that the updated application for our Scholarship is now on our website.

Communications – Julie Maturo reported that our website is continually updated.

Historians – Annette Barnes reported that she and Ginny will be doing another program on ourhistory in the spring.

Hospitality – Deb Hall Reppen thanked Sheila Persinger, as chair of todayʼs hostess committee and Sheila introduced her committee. Many thanks, ladies.

Legislation – In Mary Stavenhagenʼs absence, Julie Maturo presented a change to our By-Laws for membersʼ approval. The changes pertain to Article II, Section 3 Membership and Dues.Yearly dues will now be due on May 1 and percentage of Geneva and out of town members has been removed. To become an inactive member a person has to have been an active member for fiveyears. The change was approved with a motion by Deb Notaro, seconded by Ellie Byrnes.

Membership – Mary Ann Rosenfelder will now be serving on this committee replacing Pat OʼKeeffe. New members Bunny Holmes and Ruthie Callard were welcomed to membership by Kristie Dienst.

Ways & Means – Jane Martin reported on the Bow making event. Bows are for sale today and a sign up sheet for working during the Christmas Walk on December 7 & 8 was passed around. Cathy Rex reported on Bulbs and Cookbook sales. Many bags of bulbs have been sold, but they will be available for sale at the Christmas Walk as will cookbooks. Some of which, Cathy has already wrapped as hostess gifts. Debbie Notaro and Sheila Persinger reported on Garden Walk 2013. Debbie took the opportunity to thank the membership for their generosity during her recent tragic home fire. There are some new plans to include a box lunch (prepared by Chez Moi) and boutique sale to occur at Sandholm Park, weather permitting. The theme for this garden walk is Reflections of Monet. Sheila announced that her two guests of the day, Pam Hamilton and Vicki Deanne, will assist with graphics and artwork for the walk. Sign up sheets for the various gardens were available.

Other Business – Renate Dieter gave members a medical update on our member Linda Radtke and Julie Maturo did the same for Pat OʼKeeffe. Terry Emma, Director of the Geneva History Center, spoke briefly about the wonderful relationship between the Garden Club and the History Center, as well as outlining upcoming events at the History Center.

Adjournment – the meetings was adjourned at 12:55 with a motion by Deb Hall-Reppen and seconded by Jane Martin.