May 2015 General Meeting Minutes


The meeting was held at Heritage Prairie Farm in Elburn Illinois with our May luncheon.

The meeting was started at 11:46AM by President Debbie Notaro.  Debbie welcomed everyone to the luncheon and introduced the Farm Manager who gave an overview of the farm.

Guests were introduced.  Vicky Thompson whose home will be on this year’s Garden Walk was present and our Scholarship recipient, Collin Parsons, and his mother Cindy were also with us.  Collin will be attending Iowa State in Ames working on a degree in Horticulture with a focus on Specialty Crops.  Kathy Johns and Sheila Persinger also had guests.  Joanne Buckley, Sheila’s guest, will also be our Photographer for our Garden Walk.

Secretary’s Report:  The minutes from the April meeting were confirmed by Secretary Julie Brown and approved by Glorianne Campbell and Kristie Dienst.

Treasurer’s Report:  The current amounts in each of the club’s bank accounts was reviewed by Ellie Byrnes.  Julie Maturo will now be acting Treasurer.  Tickets for the Walk are now available to be picked up at Ellie’s house.

Vice President’s Report:  Sheila P. reported that we will start meeting as of this September for our monthly meetings at the Stephen D. Persinger Rec Center on the corner of Peck Road and Kaneville Road, Geneva.  This is due to changes at the Geneva History Museum and new regulations that prohibit the use of live plants and increase in rental fees.

Committee Reports:  Garden Walk Chairs- Deb Hall-Reppen reported that we still need bakers for the bake sale, and if more convenient, may bake now and freeze for later.  Still need help at the Japanese Garden.

Communications:  Tammy Chiovari has SignUp Genius updated and current for anyone who may need to check available holes to fill.  Just sign up for whatever you are baking for the Bake Sale.

Legislation:  No Report

Membership:  Reminded dues were due by April 1st.

Publicity:  Teresa Keenan reported there will be a big blitz for the Garden Walk next week on Facebook, and the information will also be out there via area papers, neighborhood newsletters, flyers and posters.

Ways and Means:  Cathy Rex and Sue Woltman reported we have photo cards available for sale for $5 for 4 cards.  Also the CPK fund raiser is on May 7th.

Hospitality:  Jane Martin reported that Chris Shaw, Chair for the luncheon, made the very cute table decorations and favors and introduced her committee.  There we 2 beautiful Lavender plants for today’s Raffle.  Mary S. announced the GGC won the Window Box competition at the Chicago Flower and Garden show.  The best part, a couple bought the entire window box for $300.00!  We didn’t even have a chance to raffle this off.  Wow, kudos to us and to Mary and Debbie for the spectacular job on designing the box.

Historian:  No Report

Always on Tuesday:  Kathy W. reported that the schedule is full and copies are on the tables for all.  This will be rain or shine.  It’s a great way to keep in touch over the summer.  We will start out by going to Red Bud Creek Farm in Sheridan on June 16 for lunch and shopping.  Lunch is $15.00 and due to Kathy by the 11th.  This was a real hit last year so please consider this wonderful outing.

Assemblage:  Linda B. thanked everyone who sends her info to pass along and share.  Thanks to Tammy C. for having everything on SignUp Genius; it makes everything so much easier.

Service Projects:  Ellen asked for volunteers to help with the weeding at the Geneva Garden Park over the summer.  Geneva Park District will be mulching this week.  Please sign up via SignUp Genius for a 1-2 week block.

Chris S. reported that the spring planting will be May 16 at 8:00 AM at the Knuckle.  Voting for our favorite Knuckle will begin soon.  Cost is $1.00 to cast a vote, and money raised goes to the Geneva Beautification.

Japanese Garden- Darlene Larson mentioned that former member Geniveve Odt passed away at 97 years old.

Planters- Nothing new, we are all set.

Nominating Committee:  Linda B. reported that Julie Maturo was nominated for position of Treasurer, and Julie Brown has agreed to stay on one more year as Secretary.  A motion to approve was given by Susan VanderVeen and seconded by Noel Storm and Ellen Bassett .

Other business:

Window Boxes for 2016- We are looking for volunteers to design and assemble the boxes for the Chicago Flower and Garden Show.  Anyone interested please let Deb know.  Diane Ramm and Noel Storm have volunteered to be Chairs for the 2016 May Luncheon.  Thanks ladies!

Gardenology-  Still could use a Time Keeper for the Speakers tent.

Julie Maturo was the recipient of this year’s Gratitude Award.  She was presented with a beautiful book.  The nominating committee for this year was Kristie Dienst, Annette Barnes and Jane Martin.  (See Attached form letter).

A motion to adjourn the meeting was given at 2:06 pm by Sheila Persinger and seconded by Deb hall-Reppen.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary Julie Brown