December 2014 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order by President Debbie Notaro at 12:00pm. The meeting minutes from the November were confirmed by members present. Sheila Persinger and Ellie Byrnes motioned to approve.


Treasurerʼs Report – Ellie Byrnes reported the current balances in the GGC accounts.  A Thank you note from the Illinois Master Gardeners was read. Ellie informed us that the speaker’s fee for today’s presenters, Margy Walkington and Nancy Hollmeier, will be waived and asked if we would instead make a donation to the Northern Illinois Food Bank.


Vice Presidents Report: Sheila reported that for our January meeting, we will have our very own Debbie Notaro share “Debbie Does Virginia”, a 45 minute slide presentation from her trip to the State of Virginia Garden Walk. Our February 3rd meeting will be All About Fairy Gardening. Matt Zerby from Wasco nursery sent Sheila the file from the November meeting. This will be available for members through email/website shortly if interested.


Committee Reports:

Garden Walk : no report

Always on Tuesday-no report

Assemblage-no report

Communications-no report

Historian-no report

Legislation-no report

Membership-Kristie Dienst- reported no new members but we had 2 guests, Lynn Sherry and Kathy Brook.

Publicity-no report

Service projects/Civic– Chris Shaw informed us that Linda Brodine’s picture was in the paper along with an article about the  2nd book she has written. Congratulations Linda. Today’s Raffle items include jewelry and a holiday rug. The greens used to do the CASA planters were donated by Matt at Wasco Nursery. Thank you Matt. Members were encouraged to write him a thank you note or keep them in mind when plant shopping. Also, Debbie read an article about Linda Radtke from the Glancer Magazine.

Scholarship– no report

Ways and Means-no report

Hospitality– Jane Martin thanked the committee for the beautiful luncheon. Always a treat.

Debbie wished everyone a very Merry Christmas as she closed the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 12:22 with a motion by Deb Hall-Reppen and seconded by Glorianne Campbell.