December 2013 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order by President Julie Maturo at 12:05.


Minutes – the minutes were read by Glorianne Campbell and approved with a motion by Sheila Persinger seconded by Arlene Grandt.

Treasurerʼs Report – Ellie Byrnes reported the current balances in the GGC accounts.

Vice Presidents’ Report-Arlene Grandt reported that the January meeting will be on bee keeping and will include a “honey sampling”.


Assemblage-Linda Brodine reported that she has been having some trouble with sbcglobal and thus was apologizing for any problems with communications to the members.

Communications-Mary Ann Rosenfelder has made new name tags for the membership and is learning to manage the website.

Hospitality -Jane Martin welcomed all and introduced today’s hostess chair, Kristie Dienst, who in turn introduced her committee. Kathleen Harrington informed the members of the eighteen items for today’s raffle.

Membership -Kristie Dienst introduced and welcomed seven new members. They are: Eden Anderson, Tammy Chiovari, Marilee Dennis, Teresa Keenan, Margie Mollner, Kathleen Newhouse and Marilyn Schave. A warm welcome to all.

Publicity -in Debbie Notaro’s absence it was noted that publicity has been appearing for the Bow Sale.

Service Projects

  • Julie Maturo announced that 35 trees were planted by the Park District with the $2,500 donation that was made by the Garden Club. Chris Shaw reported that all the winter plantings were done. Mary Stavenhagen had shopped and ordered greens. Chris Shaw and Arlene Grandt did the Living Well planters, Debbie Notaro donated the materials and designed the Geneva History Center planter, and Debbie also designed the CASA planters and completed those with the help of Chris Shaw and Sheila Persinger. Our knuckle has been covered with greens, but could use a few more..

  • Scholarship – Karen Bielski reported that the scholarship application is now up on the website.

Ways & Means -Jane Martin reported on the upcoming Bow Sale. We will also be selling bows at the Lions Christmas Breakfast on Saturday, December 6 at Geneva High School from 8:00-11:00 a..m. Bows are priced at $5 for single ribbon, $8 for two ribbons and $10 for three ribbons. Bows are also available for sale today. Cathy Rex reported on the Bulb Sale. She thanked Ruthie Collard for selling bulbs at the Pottowatomie Garden Club. There were packages of bulbs for sale at today’s meeting. Members were reminded of the bulb and bow sale at Eagle Brook’s Holiday Shopping Night on Thursday, December 4. We are still looking for a person to take charge of a plant sale on June 6,7, & 8 at Cathy Rex’s Antique Sale.

Other Business -Members were reminded to vote for the Geneva History Center Giving Tree decorated by Mary Garrison’s committee for the Garden Club. Julie Maturo announced that Pat O’Keeffe will be visiting and Julie is holding an Open House between 4-7 for Pat at Julie’s on December 16. Julie also mentioned that members’ items, updates will now be posted on our website. Bonnie Kovacs had a copy of the previous Garden Club cookbook which was purchased at the meeting.

Adjournment– the meeting was adjourned at 12:35 with a motion by Deb Hall-Reppen and seconded by Mary Stavenhagen.