October 2016 Meeting Minutes


Oct. 4, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Debbie Notaro at 12:04 PM.

Secretary’s Report:  Other than a few typos on page 2, investigating, plantings, members and Board, the minutes were accepted.  A motion was made by Deb Hall-Reppen and seconded by Vicki Deane.

Treasure’s Report:   Julie Maturo reported the current balances for the Checking, PayPal Checking, Pal On-Line, and Savings accounts.  Julie also presented and reviewed the Annual Budget for 2016-2017.

Vice President’s Report:  Kathleen Newhouse announced our speaker for our November meeting will be Mike McDonald, My Journey into the Wild of Chicago.  December will be a wreath workshop which will be $35.00.  Our speaker will be Andrew of Andrew’s Garden.  There will be a sign up for the workshop and payment may be made via PayPal, check or cash.

Membership:  Kristie D. introduced new member Linda Bradley.  Guests included Cindy Brown, Pam Colbean, Norma Jaeger, and Kelly Miller.

Scholarship:  Karen B. reported the updated information is ready to be posted on the website by the end of the month.

Ways and Means:  Vicki D. reported there will be a new version of the fund raiser we have done in the past with California Pizza Kitchen.  We will be given a card to present and each time you purchase food, including beverages between November and December, our club will received 20% of total amount.  Catering is included.  Cathy R. reported there are still some garden gloves available for the discounted price of $5.00.

Communications:  Tammy C. shared she has updated the Facebook page and plans to add pictures to the website of the Garden Park overhaul project.  PayPal will be available on the website for December workshop payment.

Legislation:  No report

Publicity:  No report

Hospitality:  Jane Martin thanked the hostess committee, and hostess chair Linda Stavrou introduced her committee.  Once again, a beautiful luncheon.  Jane Foster went to the District 8 Garden Clubs of Illinois meeting yesterday and reported Kay McNeil, monarch butterfly advocate was the speaker.  Kay shared that the monarch population is way down once again.  There is a program through the Illinois Environmental Council to have a new License Plate decal made and by sending $10 to the Secretary of State you can help make this happen.  The money raised will help replenish the milkweed plants along our roadways.  Jane M. also reminded everyone to please sign in each time attending a meeting.  This will help in keeping track of the number of members attending which can give us credit toward an award through Garden Clubs of Illinois.

Always on Tuesday:  Kathy W. will have a signup sheet available starting in January.

Historian:  No report

Assemblage:  No report

Community Services Projects:  Chris Shaw reported that we received the 2nd place Certificate again this year for the Geneva Beautification competition, Tour de Fleur.  The next fall/winter cleanup will be October 29th.  Otherwise we are all caught up.

Arbor Day:  Julie Brown read a letter in Susan VanderVeen’s absence from Larry Gabriel of the Geneva Park district informing us of the number of trees that have been replaced throughout the parks, many of which were purchased by donations from our club. (Letter attached).

Garden Club Park:  Linda B. read a letter of thanks for all the help and hard work updating and replacing plants at the park.  She has asked for everyone’s help in watering the new plants as we do not have a means to water other than Mother Nature’s rain.

Awards Chair:  Deb Hall-Reppen reported she and Jane F. attended the District 8 meeting yesterday.  A common theme with all the clubs is the dwindling number of younger members, smaller club size, and some even disbanding all together.  She won one of the door prizes which was a painted rock depicting “Save our Monarchs.org”.

Special Committees and Other Business:

Garden Walk 2017:   Mary Stavenhagen reported we have all but 1 garden to confirm.  Member Joyce P. has agreed to have her home on the walk.  Diversity will be the theme and would like suggestions for a more catchy name for the walk.  She would also like us to consider knowing the botanical names for as many plants as possible in each of the gardens.

The raffle was done just prior to adjourning the meeting.  There were several floral centerpieces donated by Linda S. as part of the raffle.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:10PM with a motion by Glorianne Campbell and seconded by Deb Hall-Reppen.


Respectfully submitted by Julie Brown substituting for Secretary Gail Ellenbaum.