October 2015 Meeting Minutes



The meeting was held offsite at Heinz Brothers, St. Charles.  The meeting was called to order at 12:00 pm by President Debbie Notaro.  Debbie acknowledged Kathleen Harrington’s Daughter Stacy for all her help with the Garden Walk.  It was greatly appreciated!

Kristie Dienst spoke on behalf of our long time member Liz Gericke who passed away recently.  Liz loved being a part of Garden Club, she served as club President, enjoyed participating in the Flower shows and Garden Walks.  Liz was a friend to many and always had a smile on her face.  We will miss you Liz.

Secretary’s Report:  Meeting minutes from September were confirmed by Julie Brown, approved by Tammy Chiovari and seconded by Kathleen Harrington.

Treasurer’s Report: Julie Maturo reported the current balance in each of the Geneva Garden Club accounts.  Julie also mentioned the Plant Sale that we will be having next June.  Last year she dug up or divided plants and transplanted in the vegetable garden to keep over the winter and found this worked well.  She has 130 potted plants so far to be donated to the sale.

Vice President’s Report:  Sheila Persinger reported that next month’s speaker will talk about Air Plants.  She also thanked and acknowledged the hostess committee.

Committee Reports

Membership:  Kristie Dienst reported we have 3 guests and 3 new members.  Let her know if anyone could use a Get Well card.  Arlene Grandt sent us a thank you note in appreciation for the apron we sent her.

Scholarship:  No report

Ways and Means:  The next CPK fundraiser will be tomorrow, October 7th.  Please spread the word and share the flyer.  Vicki Dean is working on the new note cards.

Communications:  Tammy C. shared that the CPK flyer is on the website.  Please continue to sign up for the Library arrangements and helping with the knuckle clean up and fall planting which is October 31 via the SignUp Genius.

Legislation:  No report

Publicity:  On Teresa’s behalf, Tammy C. encouraged us to share the CPK flyer via Facebook.

Hospitality:  Jane Martin welcomed and thanked everyone for coming.  There is no raffle today.

Always on Tuesday:  Kathy Wengronowitz reported 4 people have signed up already, please continue to sign up via the SignUp Genius or let Kathy know if interested in having us visit your garden next summer.

Historian:  Ginny D. and Annette B. have been adding to the scrap book Pat O’Keefe started and plan to add Garden Walk photos if more are available.

Assemblage:  No report

Service Projects/Civic:  Chris Shaw reported everything looks great.

Arbor Day:  Susan V. reported GGC was recognized by the Park Board for our donation toward the planting of 12-13 new trees in 3 of the parks.

Geneva Beautification:  Bulbs are to be planted at the knuckle on the next fall cleanup day which is October 31st.

Other Business:  Debbie is looking for an Awards Chairperson.  This would entail sending in entry forms talking about what projects our club works on, and where our money goes to show how we support the community.  Also Debbie would like a few people to take some educational classes offered through the GCI.  Debbie will take the first one the end of October and report back to us.

Julie Brown mentioned she planted milkweed this summer and had a chrysalis form and then develop into a Monarch butterfly.  Debbie had shared some information on this and encouraged us to do the same in hopes of increasing the Monarch population.

The Geneva History Museum will once again be asking for volunteer clubs/organizations to help decorate the Giving Trees which will on display for voting.  Anyone interested in organizing the decorating please let Debbie know- Merilee Dennis and Kathleen Newhouse just volunteered!  Thank you.  We will need to confirm with the History Museum as soon as possible.

Debbie and Mary S. will be decorating the Window Box next year for the Chicago Flower and Garden Show and will have others help and observe and learn the ropes to do in the future.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 12:40 pm by Sheila P. and seconded by Tammy C.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary Julie Brown