October 2014 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order by President Debbie Notaro at 12:00pm at The Geneva History Museum. The budget was presented for the 2014-15 year by
Debbie Notaro.


Minutes -the minutes were read by Julie Brown and approved by Tammy Chiovari and seconded by Dianne Ramm.

Treasurerʼs Report – Ellie Byrnes reported the current balances in the GGC accounts.

Club meetings/Brochure-Sheila Persinger and MaryAnn Rosenfelder-The presentation for the November meeting will be Good Bugs, Bad Bugs and the December Workshop will be given by club members Margy Walkington and Nancy Hollmeier. We will be making a basic Wreath of mixed greens using a ring with tray. You may also bring some of your own greens to add to the wreath. Cost will be $30 payable to GGC by check, cash or PayPal which needs to be in by November 15th so supplies can be ordered. There may be a few extra supplies on the day of the workshop but no promises so please sign up by the 15th. There will be a short business meeting that day and even if you choose not to make the wreath we encourage you to attend and partake in the fun.

Committee Reports:

Garden Walk: Deb Hall-Reppen/Jessica Dean and Jane Foster- Jane reported the Walk will be June 12 and 13, 2015 with 5 homes and the Japanese Garden at Fabyans for the luncheon. There are 3 confirmed house chairs at present and still need 1 for 710 Dow and 218 N. 5th. Kathleen Harrington will chair the luncheon. Explanation of chair responsibilities were reviewed.

Always on Tuesday: Kathy Wengronowitz- no report

Assemblage: Linda Brodine-Going well. If you have a message to get out to the club, please copy to Debbie as well.

Communications: Julie Maturo-The homepage of the Garden Club Website is being updated. Julie is happy to have Tammy Chiovari helping with this.

Historian: Ginny Dushney and Annette Barnes-no report

Hospitality: Jane Martin/Arlene Grandt-  Jane introduced Mary Ann Snook and she in turn introduced her committee. As usual, the food was delicious and the presentation, lovely. Thanks ladies. We had 47 present (think really 50 after another head count) and bows that were left over from previous bow sales were available for the taking as we will not be doing a Bow Sale this year. Jane offered suggestions on how to refluff the bows. Also, Jane informed the group where our 2 cabinets are in the room that are designated for GGC. We store supplies and our coffee and tea urns in them. They are the 2 bottom cabinets to the left (west side) of the mantle. Lastly, when leaving a meeting, please return your nametag to the box with the strap tucked into the nametag as this helps prevents a tangled mess.

Raffle: Kathleen Harrington- Please continue to use the Signup Genius to indicate if you have a Raffle item to donate.

Legislation: Julie Maturo and Glorianne Campbell- no report

Membership: Kristie Dienst- Kristie introduced 4 guests today , 2 of which this was their 2nd meeting.

Publicity: Teresa Keenan- Facebook- We are now on Facebook! It is very basic at present but will be expanded upon in time. You can find it by searching Geneva Garden Club. It will have the mission statement and where our monies raised goes to, etc. This should be very useful for Scholarship information and our upcoming Garden Walk in 2015.

Service Projects/Civic: Chris Shaw- Informed we are caught up with Living Well and CASA. Erin Blake, who is a CASA volunteer, shared what CASA is all about and where the Garden/Planters are in front of the main entrance at the downtown courthouse.

Arbor Day– Susan VanderVeen- no report but was noted that we will a lot $2000.00 this year instead of $2500.00 as in the past year.

Geneva Garden Club Park: Ellen Bassett-no report but was noted that there is a budget of $500 allotted for this garden as we will need to add more plants and divide and move some that have really filled in and gotten too crowded.

Geneva Beautification: Knuckles: Chris Shaw- November 1st will be the final cleanup of this year. Please try and attend, it usually takes about an hour. Starts at 8:00am at the knuckle in front of State Street Jewelers.

 Japanese Garden: Darlene Larson- September 28th was the Dedication of the new bench. Darlene thanked everyone who was there and shared the letter that was read at the Dedication.

Planters: Chris Shaw-Library Arrangements: Please continue to use Signup Genius to pick a month or 2 week block to provide a plant or flowers for the Geneva Library. Also, remember to take pick them up and take home at end of month. There is just so much room on the counter.

Scholarship: Karen Bielski and Jessica Dean- The application has been updated on the Website.

Ways and Means: Sue Woltman and Cathy Rex- we still have several pairs and sizes left for sale. We will continue to have available at the Garden Walk and Gardenology but could use a fresh idea or 2 on where else we can sell them. They make lovely gifts or stocking stuffers for those garden lovers.

If you like California Pizza Kitchen, have we got a deal for you! On Wed. November 5th, that means the entire day, lunch, dinner or catering, our club will receive 20% from that days sales. You must mention our club and present the flyer to the server and order away! You may copy the flyer and share with your family and friends and neighbors. Linda will email the flyer for those not at the last meeting. So enjoy! What an easy way to earn some easy money.

Vickie Dean is looking into having the club purchase aprons that we can wear for functions and events that will have our club logo embroidered on them. It was brought up that some may want to buy one of their own and have their name embroidered on it as well. She was going to check into this and see how much it would cost. We would probably get 10-15 for the club.

Noel Storm mentioned that everyone at Living Well loves the planters and thanked the club again for our continued support. Also, Jane Martin shared Steve Wengronowitz, Kathy’s husband, was to undergo surgery and asked to keep them in our thoughts.

There was a motion to adjourn the meeting at 12:54pm by Kristie Dienst and seconded by Pat Sowa.