November 2014 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order by President Debbie Notaro at 12:02pm at The Geneva History Museum. Debbie reported on some “Fun Facts” about the Asteraceae or Compositae family which include the daisy, sunflower, aster and even the artichoke. She passed around a fact sheet and had a small piece of a sunflower on the tables for us to look at as she discussed the plants. It was suggested that we share a few minutes of  this kind of information at each meeting just prior to the start of the business portion.


Minutes the minutes were read by Julie Brown and approved by Glorianne Campbell and seconded by Julie Maturo.

Treasurerʼs Report – Ellie Byrnes reported the current balances in the GGC accounts.

Vice Presidents Report: Sheila Persinger and MaryAnn Rosenfelder reported that our speaker for todays meeting will be Matt Zerby from Wasco Nursery. He will be discussing Good Bugs and Bad Bugs. Again, the deadline for payment and signup for the December workshop is November 15th. Margy Walkington and Nancy Hollmeier will be demonstrating a basic table greenery centerpiece. They will supply the fresh greens, base/tray that hold water and adornments. Feel free to bring your own greens to add such a boxwood or cedar. You will need to bring heavy pruners. And please dress appropriately. Also, all are welcome to attend the meeting even if you do not plan on making the arrangement.

Committee Reports:

Garden Walk : Deb Hall-Reppen reported that we still need a chair or co-chairs for the home at 710 Dow Ave. It would be nice to have a “seasoned” member and perhaps a newer member do it together. The theme is “A walk in Thyme”.

Always on Tuesday: no report

Assemblage: no report

Communications: Julie Maturo reported that Website information has been updated but there has been an issue with updating the photo gallery. The link to the Signup Genius is still working and available. She will add the information about the Master Gardener Program being available as a Scholarship opportunity. The flyer for the November fund raiser at California Pizza Kitchen will be available also. The cost for the workshop will be $31.00 if you choose to use PayPal. Julie will also be adding the General Meeting Minutes, News to Use, Recipes and sign up for Raffle items to donate, Library signup, etc.

Historian: no report

Hospitality: Jane Martin and Arlene Grandt introduced the hostess committee and that Linda Stavro had done the table center pieces. Jane reminded everyone to please sign in at the welcome table when you arrive so we will have a accurate head count on attendance.  Kathleen Harrington mentioned there were 8 items for the Raffle.

Legislation: Julie Maturo reported this is a work in progress.

Membership: MaryAnn and Sheila introduced 3 new members in Kristie’s absence. Diana Paparozi, Cheryl Gaydos, and Chris McKeaknie. There were no guests today.

Publicity: Teresa Keenan asked that we go on the Facebook site and “like” it or better yet “share” it to spread the word with this format.

Service Projects: Chris Shaw: The knuckles are done for the season.

  • Arbor Day: no report
  • Garden Club Park: Ellen Bassett reported that we will be doing the final clean up on Sat. November 8th at 8AM. Please come and help if available and bring your broom, rakes, pruners, etc. for cleanup.
  • Japanese Garden: no report
  • Planters: Chris Shaw-Please remember to drop off Library arrangements on the 1st of the month and pick up your arrangements at the end of the month.
  • Scholarship: no report


Ways and Means: Cathy Rex reminded everyone about the November fundraiser at California Pizza Kitchen. We will receive 20% of the day’s proceeds. Robin Weber at Merle Norman sold several pairs of gloves and we made $41.00. Thank you Robin. We are considering new and creative ways to package the gloves and plan on selling them at the Garden Walk. Still looking into new cards and aprons.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:40pm by a motion from Julie Maturo and seconded by Deb Hall-Reppen.