November 2016 Meeting Minutes



November 1, 2016

President Debbie Notaro opened the meeting at 12:03 p.m. at the Stephen D. Persinger Recreation Center.

Secretary’s Report:  Julie Brown as the substitute secretary asked for any corrections to the minutes other than the typos.  Tammy moved to approve minutes as corrected.  Deb Hall-Reppen seconded.

Treasurer’s Report:  Julie Maturo gave the Treasurer’s report including balances for all the GGC accounts.

Vice President’s Report:  Kathleen Newhouse announced the December wreath workshop with Andrew’s Garden in Wheaton.  You will not be disappointed!  NOV. 15 is the DEADLINE.  Send a check to Julie Maturo.  Tammy Chiovari mentioned that the website will also take your payment and it can be with PayPal or with a credit card.

Committee Reports:

Membership:  Kristie Dienst welcomed new member Pam Cobeen.  She has been a resident of Geneva for 10-12 years and taught French at Geneva High School.  She knows Chris Shaw from when they were at Arthur Andersen.  We are now at 80 members with 6 inactive members.  Caroline Simpson passed away.  Shirley Remes has rejoined GGC and brought a friend that has just moved from Glen Ellyn, Michelle Moser.  Sandy Bowgren visited today, also, as a friend of Shirley Remes.  Also attending for the second time were visitors Pat Pelzer, Gail Haas, and Kelly Miller.

Scholarship:  Karen Bielski sent out emails to publicize our Scholarship.

Ways and Means:  Vicky Deane will have the California Pizza Kitchen cards for our fundraiser next week, even though the fundraiser runs from Nov. 1 to Dec. 31.  We are getting 250 cards from their new corporate program.  Gloves and Notecards are still for sale.  Contact Cathy Rex if you want to buy!

Communications:  Tammy Chiovari has put the GGC Scholarship up on the website.  She has hundreds of pictures from the Geneva Garden Club Park renovation.  They will be up on the website once she sorts through them.  Tammy will put out a reminder about the CPK fundraiser as soon as the cards are distributed.

Legislation:  Glorianne Campbell has filed the 990 form for this next year.

Publicity:  Julie Brown has put a blurb in the next Garden Glories.  She will be putting information into the next Chamber publication as of November 15.

Hospitality:  Jane Martin will be sending the Park District Persinger Center information to all members of the hostess committee.  This will facilitate preparation for the hostess committee.  Thanks to November’s Committee:  Kristie Dienst, Vicky Deane (soup), Sheila Persinger, Jane Van Nortwick, Glorianne Campbell, Kathy Johns and Carrie Bartel and Deb Dickinson.  Sue Boyle got Carrie as a substitute!  If you can’t serve on your assigned month, please try to switch with someone!  If you get a sub, please inform your hostess chair.

Historian:  Annette Barnes said that Ginny Dushney sends her best.

Assemblage:  No report.

Community Service Projects:  Chris Shaw said our knuckle looks great.  Thanks to Mary Stavenhagen, Karen Bielski and Maryann Snook.

Arbor Day:  Susan Vanderveen said nothing to report.

Geneva Garden Club Park:  Glorianne Campbell reported for Linda Brodine that the Geneva Garden Club Park project rehab was done in September.  Watering is a REAL issue.  A photo album was made of the before and after and will go into our Historical Artifacts.  Julie Brown said that members need to go by and check on the watering situation.  Some members keep gallon jugs with caps in their cars with water to stop by and water. Take some time to stop by there until the big freeze!

Awards:  Deb Hall-Reppen submitted information for five awards:  Garden Club Park, GGC Website, Knuckle at Third and State Streets, Arbor Day and Gardenology.

President’s Notes:  Debbie Notaro cautioned our membership to communicate in a timely manner.  The Illinois monarch butterfly license plate has been approved.  This took 2000 stickers to get approved.  Does anyone have any suggestions or changes to the “Quick Look” on the website?

The Raffle chaired by Noel Storm and Maryann Snook needs two weeks ahead notice if there will be something to raffle.  If they don’t know you are bringing something, then they go out and get items.  We don’t want double duty work.

Our GGC Chicago Flower Show window box entry application has been done.  Debbie would like new people involved in this project. The dates for next year’s Chicago Flower Show are March 18-26, 2017.  Contact Debbie if you are interested.

If you have ideas for fundraising, please let Debbie know.

Special Committees / Other Business: 

Garden Walk:  Susan VanderVeen reported that we have six gardens plus three bonus gardens.  They would like to have a boutique and plant sale.  No lunch will be done next year.  The dates of our Garden Walk are June 17 and 18, 2017.

Gardens:  Bob and Pat Engle on South Street, Kathy and John Chapman, Joyce Papiech, member, Tammy Chiovari. member, Jim and Karla Lynch, and Arden Courts garden

Bonus Gardens:  Geneva Garden Club Park, River Park Garden, and City Hall Park

Members’ Share:  Ellen Bassett has some red-tipped calla lily bulbs to give away.

Raffle:  Noel Storm and Maryann Snook ran a delightful raffle with notecards, mums, etc.

Deb Hall-Reppen moved to adjourn the meeting at 12:50.  Kathleen Newhouse seconded.

Program:  Kathleen Newhouse introduced our entertaining speaker, Mike MacDonald, speaking about his fantastic book, My Journey into the Wilds of Chicago.