March 2015 General Meeting Minutes


Meeting was called to order at 12:06 by President Debbie Notaro.

Meeting minutes from the February meeting were confirmed.  Accepted by Ellie Byrnes and seconded by Deb Hall-Reppen.

Treasures report was given By Ellie Byrnes.  Ellie also mentioned that you may pay for dues, aprons, and May Luncheon through the link on our Website.
Debbie will be doing the program planned from last month today as our speaker was unable to make today’s meeting, “Debbie Does Virginia” Gardens from Virginia.

Committee Reports:
Garden Walk:  Deb Hall-Reppen mentioned the booklet on each table for people to review and sign up for open positions and needs for the Garden Walk.  It was brought up that the City has declined to put a mention in the City Newsletter regarding our Walk and many people were not happy about this.  Debbie said she would ask again.

Communication:  Julie mentioned minutes will be available on the Website and for people to continue to use SignUpGenius to sign up for the many opportunities we have available in our club.  Also will add community worthy info to the site.

Legislation:  Julie and Debbie both reviewed the full explanation of the new incorporation of the club.  A special committee was formed to review and gather information to make this happen.  This was a huge undertaking and now feel our club is in alignment of where we should be for current times.  The lawyer that helped us rewrite the current bylaws did this Pro Bono.  The revised bylaws are now on the Website.  There was a motion not to read the entire 7 pages for time’s sake by Bonnie Kovacs and seconded by Glorianne Campbell.  A motion to approve the new bylaws as written was made by Glorianne Campbell and seconded by Deb Hall Reppen.

Membership:  Membership dues are now due by April 1st instead of May 1st.  If you move or change address/phone number, etc. please email Kristie so she can update info.  When writing checks please include in the memo section what the money is for.  Kathy Johns brought a guest.

Publicity:  Debbie shared Teresa’s report as Theresa was not able to attend today’s meeting.  There will be a drawing for a prize for the members who “like” and “share” our Facebook Page.  She has sent out info regarding our club to various organizations focusing on the upcoming Garden Walk.

Ways and Means:  Cathy Rex shared over $200 was raised in the last fundraiser at CPK.  Vicky Dean shared info regarding the new aprons that will be available.  Cost will be $20 with the GGC logo and $25 with logo and personal monogram.  You may order through Website, use PayPal or write a check.  Please let Vicky know your preference with the monogram.

Hospitality:  Jane introduced the hostess committee and thanked everyone for the delicious lunch provided.  Also suggested to pass along recipes to Julie/Tammy to be added to the Website.  The raffle items were announced.

Nominating Committee:  The position of Treasurer will be open for next year, and we were informed Julie Maturo was nominated to fill this position.  If there are any other interested persons please let Linda Brodine know.

May Luncheon:  Chris Shaw announced the Luncheon will be at Heritage Prairie Farm with a Food to Table Theme.  Cost will be $35.  Please sign up in SignUpGenius or let Chris know as soon as possible.  Conversation was had regarding the cost and if wine was included and if that is fair for those who don’t drink wine.

Library:  Debbie’s arrangement from last month was missing.  If you have it or know who does, please contact Debbie.

Always on Tuesday:  Please fill in and sign up for dates.  Still many available.  Kathy was unable to attend today’s meeting due to her husband’s emergency surgery.

Assemblage:  Linda shared that next month we will be off site at Shady Hill in Elburn for our spring planting workshop.  She will send a separate email with detailed info and pricing.

Scholarship:  Awaiting replies.  Info has been sent out.

Chicago Flower and Garden show will be Saturday March 14-22, and GGC will once again have window box on display.  Thanks goes to Debbie N. and Mary S. for doing our club proud with their amazing skills and gifts in making this happen.
We made $108 on today’s raffle.  Thanks everyone.
Julie mentioned she will have a planning meeting for the Ireland house.
A motion to adjourn the meeting was called at 1:08pm by Julie Maturo and seconded by Helen Hogan.

Submitted by Secretary Julie Brown