January Minutes

January 8, 2013


The meeting was called to order by President Julie Maturo at 12:10 by President Julie Maturo at Aquascape.


Minutes – the minutes were read by Glorianne Campbell and approved with a motion by Susan Vander Veen and seconded by Lorraine Ochsner.

Treasurerʼs Report – Ellie Byrnes reported the current balances in the GGC accounts.  A donation was made to the Geneva History Center of $150 for the use of the room during the Bow Sales, $365 membership was paid to the Geneva Chamber of Commerce and the fee for today’s meeting have been paid. We are very close to finalizing everything for use of the PayPal account.

Vice Presidents’ Report – Arlene Grandt reported that Martha Scatterday will be presenting “Whimsical Gardens” at our February meeting.

Guest Introduction– three guests were introduced.

Scholarship – the information is out.

Communications– Julie Maturo reported that the website is continually updated.

Hospitality– Jessica Dean introduced the members of the committee for today. Delicious as always! (It was announced at this time that member Judy Anderson was home from the hospital and member Liz Gericke was in the hospital.

Membership– three new members, Vicki Deane, Ashley Rankin and Kathleen Harrington were welcomed into the club by Julie Maturo.

Publicity- Ellen Bassett again asked members to let her know when we see articles about the club in publications. She also spoke of the electronic newsletter from the Geneva Chamber Commerce that is available to members.

Ways & Means – Sue Woltman reported that the Bows & Bulb Sales netted $1,775.59. (There was some feeling that the Bow Sales might have brought in more than initially reported.) Since September $596 has been received from cookbook sales. Special thanks were expressed to Jane Martin, Jan Marzetta for chairing the bow sales, and Cathy Rex for chairing the bulb sale and the beautiful job of wrapping cookbooks for sale.

Garden Walk 2013– Debbie Notaro reported they have been busy on plans, the luncheon in the park, with music. We will have a window in the Merra Lee for display and publicity prior to the event. There are still slots for members to help at the various gardens. Please sign up.

Raffle was held.

Adjournment– the meeting was adjourned at 12:40 with a motion by Pat Sowa and seconded by Arlene Grandt.