January 2015 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order by MaryAnn Rosenfelder, VP filling in for President Debbie Notaro at 12:07pm. Meeting minutes were confirmed and approved from the December 2nd meeting by a motion from Deb Hall-Reppen and seconded by Julie Maturo.

Treasurerʼs Report – Ellie Byrnes reported the current balances in the GGC accounts. Ellie received a Thank You note for our donation to the Northern Illinois Foodbank. Payment for Geneva Chamber Dues was made.

 Vice Presidents Report: Upcoming program for February will be Tammy Chiovari, A Fairy Garden.

Committee Reports:

Garden Walk: Deb Hall-Reppen reported that we still need a chair person for the house at 710 Dow Ave. but do have some volunteers to help with that house. Deb explained to duties and responsibilities of a house Chair person. A signup sheet was passed around and also encouraged to use Signup Genius.

Always On Tuesday: no report

Assemblage: no report

Communications: Work to be done soon

Historians: no report

Membership: no report, no guests

Publicity: Teresa will be putting information re: the Garden Walk and the window boxes at the Chicago and Garden Show in the Garden Glories.

Civic: no report

Arbor Day: no report

Japanese Garden: no report

Planters: no report

Scholarship: no report

Ways and Means: Kathy Rex reported that a second fund raiser at the California Pizza Kitchen will be planned for February 4th. The same as previously, we will receive 20% of the monies raised that day. We will have reminders and flyers soon. Also, there are garden gloves available for sale for $7.00.Kathy informed us that they work well for indoor chores as well, such as polishing silver!

Hospitality: Jane Martin introduced the hostess committee for the day. There was no raffle today.

As Debbie was to do our program for this meeting and she was called to Jury Duty, Julie Maturo will be filling in with an overview of our website.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:22. Motion by Pat Sowa and seconded by Deb Hall-Reppen.