February Minutes

February 5, 2013


The meeting was called to order by President Julie Maturo at 12:07.


Minutes – the minutes were read by Glorianne Campbell and approved with a motion by Linda Stavrou and seconded by Pat Sowa.

Treasurerʼs Report – Ellie Byrnes reported the current balances in the GGC accounts. Ellie reported that the first two transactions have occurred on the PayPal account. Dues can be paid in this  manner with a “drop down” under membership. We will continue discussion on how well this is working for dues payments and then for Garden Walk tickets in the spring.

Vice Presidents’ Report – Arlene Grandt and Mary Stavenhagen reported that the March meeting will be with Terri Hoffman on Yoga for Gardeners and non-toxic gardening (wear comfortable clothing). The April meeting will be at Shady Hill for planting of our pots for the summer. Bring your own pots. (Although you can purchase pots there.) You will be charged for soil and the plants you pick. Sign up for this will take place at the March meeting. Julie Brown is in charge for the May luncheon which is taking place at Fiora’s and will be $30 per person.


Garden Walk 2013– Julie Maturo spoke about the importance of membership participation in this event. Debbie Notaro and Sheila Persinger brought members up to date on aspects of the Walk. Members are needed to sign up for various tasks which include: being in the gardens, taking tickets, directly traffic flow in the gardens, preparing tablescapes for each location, putting up and taking down directional signs to the gardens, and baking and assisting at the park location. Katherine Harrington is Chair for the park. French students from the high school will be assisting as servers and helpers at the park. Monday the ticket sales team will be meeting and the information will be available on the website for purchase of walk/luncheon tickets. Each member is responsible for the purchase of two tickets ($16 in advance/$18 day of event). The luncheon tickets are $12 in advance and $14 the day of the walk. It has not been determined yet whether we will do the 10 for 10 sale as in the past. The graphics for the posters and tickets has been selected and an example was passed around. The box luncheons will include a sandwich/salad/chips with beverage and dessert being separate items for purchase. There was also discussion as to where posters would be placed and publicizing the walk in various subdivisions.

Always on Tuesday – Linda Stavrou passed around a sign up for this summer’s events.

Civic Projects– Pasta for Posies- this event has been cancelled for this year.

Historians– Annette Barnes mentioned that the Garden Club will be 85 years old and was originally one of only eight civic organizations. The importance of the club and its durability in the community is impressive.

Hospitality– Jane Martin introduced Lorraine Ochsner who as chair for the day introduced her committee. Many thanks.

Membership– Kristie Dienst and Mary Ann Rosenfelder introduced two new members, Pam Hamilton and Noel Storm, who were welcomed into the club. An insert sheet has been made to fit into our brochure with the listing of new members. It will be helpful to all, so pick up your sheet.

Ways & Means – Raffle– Julie Maturo explained the usage of funds raised by raffles. They goto items not specifically designated in our budget. If you plan to bring an item for the raffle to a meeting, please let Arlene Grandt know ahead of the meeting date (two weeks would be nice).  Bows– the final figure for profit from the bow sales was $906.43.

Other Business– Julie Maturo asked for volunteers to serve on the Nominating Committee. Julie’s term as president goes for one more year, the treasurer position is two years, vice-presidents and secretary for one year. The last three are up for election this year. Jessica Dean volunteered to serve on the committee. Others, please contact Julie.

Adjournment– the meeting was adjourned at 1:10 with a motion by Susan Vander Veen and seconded by Julie Brown.