April 2016 Meeting Minutes


April 5, 2016

Debbie N. introduced Mary Fremgen and Stephanie Sutton from Fox Valley Food for Health which is an organization of volunteers who prepare fresh, organic, healthy meals free of charge to seriously ill cancer patients in the community.  They grow their produce on Kautz Farm and teach High School teens to cook and prepare the meals.  There will be a BBQ Fundraiser on May 20th and are always looking for more volunteers.

The meeting was called to order at 12:12pm by President Debbie Notaro.

Secretary’s Report:  Meeting minutes from March were confirmed as written by Secretary Julie Brown.  A motion was made to accept minutes by Deb Hall-Reppen and seconded by Kristie Dienst.

Treasurer’s Report:  In Julie Maturo’s absence, a  copy of the Treasure’s report was reviewed by Julie Brown.  All of the Garden Club’s accounts were reviewed.  Keep in mind much of this is already earmarked for Scholarship, Garden Park, Plant Sale and Knuckles.

Vice President’s Report:  MaryAnn R. reminded us of the upcoming May Luncheon on the 3rd and to check the list going around for correct addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc. so we have most current information for the membership brochure.

Committee Reports:

Membership:  Kristie Dienst introduced 2 guests, one of Mary S’s friends Linda, and Lilly who found us on the Website.   Reminder* Dues for upcoming year were due By APRIL 1st.  Please see Kristie today if still need to pay.

Scholarship:  Karen B. reported we have received one application so far.  We will review at the April Board meeting.

Ways and Means:  Cathy Rex reported we still have some gloves, note cards and aprons available for sale and will have them for sale at Gardenoloy and the Plant Sale.  Debbie N. spoke regarding the Plant Sale.  Please sign up today or on SignUp Genius to help as we need people to unload the plants from the truck and organize them on tables, for both Gardenology and at Cathy’s in June.

Communications:  Tammy Chiovari reported members can still pay for May luncheon on the Website.  Our Facebook page is going well with many “likes” and nice comments.  Scholarship information is active.

Legislation:  No report

Publicity:  No report

Hospitality:  Jane Martin encouraged everyone to please sign up for Hostess spots for next year by telling her or on SignUp Genius as she will assign people to open months as needed.  She also introduced Kathy Johns as Hostess chair and her committee.  Lovely and yummy as usual.

Always on Tuesday:  Kathy W. shared she will have the printed schedule available for this summer’s events at the May Luncheon.  July 5th will be the Richter Garden field trip.  Linda B. will continue to send reminders over the summer prior to as well.  Debbie also encouraged people to shop at We Grow Dreams in West Chicago as they really could use our support.   We could maybe even set up an outing and go together.

Historian:  No report

Assemblage:  No report

Community Service Projects:  Chris Shaw reminded us of the Knuckles clean up planned for this Saturday April 19th at 8:00am.  When finished will plant CASA planters.  Please help if you can.

Arbor Day:  Susan V. reported that there will be 18 trees planted in various parks: Sunrise, Weaver and Sandholm.  She thanked us again for our donation of $2500.

Garden Club Park:  Ellen Bassett reminded us of the cleanup day planned for 8:30 am on April 11th and could use a few more, only 2 signed up so far.  When finished would love to have all interested have breakfast at Buttermilk across the street.

Awards chair:  No report

Special Committees:  Nomination committee has met and have our slate of new officers picked for next year.  Kathy W. thanked Julie M. and Cheryl Gaydos for their time and effort.  President will remain, Debbie Notaro, VP’s will be MaryAnn R. and Kathleen Newhouse and co—Secretaries Gail Ellenbaum and Marilyn Schave.  Kathy asked for nominations from the floor prior to a motion being made to accept this slate of officers.  Deb Hall-Reppen made a motion and was seconded by Sue Boyle.  All approved.  The new slate will be inducted at the May Luncheon.

May Luncheon:  Noel reminded everyone the money for the luncheon is due by April 19th, No exceptions.  Checks can be given to Noel today.  Cost is $35 and will have door prizes and a wonderful raffle.  Will be served family style.  Please dress appropriately, will be in a big barn.  It is heated.

Garden Walk 2017:  Mary Stavenhagen has a file from previous Walks with lots of information but would love ideas or suggestions, pros and cons, for the upcoming event planned for early summer of 2017.  Please see her or Susan V.

Fancy Plant Sale:  Garden Club will be selling plants at Gardenology on May 14 and at Cathy Rex’s house June 3-5th in conjunction with her Antique Sale.  Plants will be delivered to Cathy’s house on June 2nd.  Please sign up in SignUp Genius to help out.  We will need volunteers to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  For the sale in June, we encourage members who have plants from their own gardens to share/divide to start digging now and pot them up.  Will need to know name of plant and if sun/shade plant for tag.  Tammy has extra plastic pots if anyone needs some. Debbie N. to print plant labels.

Other Business:  Chicago Flower Show- Mary S. shared how she and Debbie prepared the winning window box and picked plants/theme.  She encouraged others to step forward to do the box for next year.  It is a great way to showcase our club.

Gardenology:  Debbie explained again how this event works, only volunteers still needed are for the speaker’s tent.  Jane Foster will be doing a craft demo for the Kid’s tent.  Master gardeners will be helping as well.  Our club has made a commitment to sponsor the speaker’s tent.

Members Share:  Helen Hogan who is also a member of Pottawatomie Garden Club is selling Garden Walk tickets for their Walk July 9th, 9A-4P for $10.00.  There will be 6 houses and tickets are regularly $15 in advance and $20 the day of so this is a great deal.  Debbie commented that all Garden Clubs are having a hard time recruiting new and younger members as times have changed since Garden Clubs first came about.  We need to work smarter, not harder.  We need to try new things and change with the times to keep a positive presence in our community.

Ace Hardware in Geneva is looking for a new Garden manager.

A motion was made at 1:26 pm to adjourn the meeting by Deb Hall-Reppen and seconded by Kathy W.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary Julie Brown