April 2015 General Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order by President Debbie Notaro at 12:02pm at Shady Hill Gardens.

Secretary’s Report:  Julie Brown asked for corrections or additions from the March minutes.  They were confirmed and approved by Deb Hall –Reppen and seconded by Julie Maturo.

Treasurer’s Report:  Ellie reported the current amounts in each of GGC’s accounts.   A Thank you note was read for our monetary donation to the Geneva Beautification Committee.

Vice President’s Report:  Sheila had no report other than to email her or MaryAnn ideas for programs for next year.

Committee Reports:

Garden Walk Chairs:  Deb H.R. gave an update on what was still needed.  We still need people to help with the bake sale and luncheon.  Tammy passed around the signup sheet.  One last plea will be made and if still have people not signed up for something, they will be assigned.  There are things to do prior to the Walk that people can help with even if not going to be here for the Walk.  Deb will be having a meeting for the Walk Chairs next Tuesday April 21 at 10:00 at the home of Debbie Notaro.  It was noted by Bonnie K. that she had not seen anything in the City Newsletter.  Debbie reiterated that she had asked the city again about putting Garden Club info in the Newsletter, and they still said no.

Communications: Tammy mentioned there a lot of opportunities to volunteer on SignUp Genius.  She had the paper copies available as well.  The new revised By-Laws are on the website.  Event Bright was also mentioned as a way to get our information out there.  We may look into this.

Legislation:   State of Ill is reviewing our request/application for sales tax exempt status.

Gardenology:  Saturday May 16.  Need members to help.  Debbie N. asked for about 5 volunteers who could do a 15-20 minute demo on a garden related topic.  Heinz Brothers will be donating 600 annual plant plugs for the kids area, could use help with this.  The speaker’s tent could use a chair person.

Membership:   Kristie reported that most members have paid their dues.  Membership dues need to be in by May 1st.  If you have a change in email, phone number, address, etc. over the summer, please let Kristie know.

Publicity:   Teresa will be sending out info regarding the Walk.  Posters and flyers are ready to be distributed.  Jessica Dean was the winner of Teresa’s contest for “sharing” and “liking” the Facebook page.  We have 163 “likes” so far.  Tammy won second place.

Ways and Means:  Cathy Rex reported we will do another CPK fund raiser on May 7th.  Coupons will be available at the May meeting.  Gloves still available for purchase.  Aprons available to pick up today if already ordered and prepaid.  You can still order through Vicki Deane.  Aprons without a monogram will be available at the May meeting.

Hospitality:  Jane thanked this month’s Hostess Chair, Linda Brodine and her committee.  Kathleen announced the raffle items.

Nominating Committee:  Linda B. announced that Julie Maturo will be our new Treasurer.

Historian:  No report

Always on Tuesday:  All dates are filled except 2.  Cathy Rex signed up for the July date.  August 4 is last date available.  We were given 3 themes to choose from for our Red Bud Creek Farm luncheon.  “Language of Flowers” was voted on.  It will be on June 16, cost for the lunch is $15.

Assemblage:  No report

Service Projects:  A plan will be submitted to the Geneva Beautification for redoing our Knuckle at the corner of State and 3rd.  Chris announced that the Spring planting at the Knuckle is this Saturday at 8:00am.  Wednesday April 18th will be the cleanup at the Garden Park followed by Breakfast at Buttermilk if you would like.  This Friday Chris S. and Julie M will attend a meeting at Helen Hogan’s to decide on the planting duties with Potowattami Garden Club.

Scholarship:  Karen announced we have 2 applicants.  We will read the application and decide the winner at the April Board meeting.

Debbie N. is still waiting to hear about the winner of the Window box competition from the Chicago Flower and Garden Show.  We decided to raffle off the Window box at the May luncheon.  Tickets will be available for $10 a piece or 3 for $25.00.

Glorianne made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Ellie seconded the motion and meeting adjourned at 12:54.

Submitted by Secretary Julie Brown